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What Is Cloud Cotton Gauze?

Cloud Cotton Gauze is like muslin – light-weight and soft - and it is a breathable fabric with a loose open weave which helps air circulate around the baby's body.  It breathes amazingly well and prevents overheating which is perfect for babies, as their skin is sensitive.


Cloud Cotton Gauze holds baby's warmth close to the body, but breathes efficiently, wicking moisture, and venting humidity so it is cool on warmer days but offers warm cover on colder days.

​Cloud Cotton Gauze is durable and withstands daily use and regular washing. The more it is washed, the softer it becomes.

​Cloud Cotton Gauze is carefully made with love by artisans in Japan. We hope it will  make babies and parents comfortable

​Cloud Cotton Gauze products make your heart warm when you see their design and it makes your heart warmer and more comfortable  when you actually touch them

 6-Layered  Cloud Cotton Gauze


Our 6-layered Cloud Cotton Gauze fabric is made of 6 different thicknesses of gauze, as it is called.

​Outer layers (1 and 6) are made of the thinnest yarns, and inner layers (3 and 4) are made of thickest yarns which absorb air and make the fabric soft and fluffy. The more you wash and use it, the softer and fluffier it gets.

before wash
after wash
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