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What are benefits of swaddling?

When your baby is swaddled, he or she is taken back to the days in the womb, when everything was comfortable, safe and snug. And the same environment and fit gives a sense of security to the baby's heart. 


CLOUD MAT SWADDLE gives baby the same fit, smell, softness when baby is swaddled that makes baby secured and comfortable. 

CLOUD MAT SWADDLE gives new mom and dad confidence when they hold a baby who has a fragile neck because a quilt mat inside of the CLOUD MAT SWADDLE securely supports baby's neck and body.

CLOUD MAT SWADDLE is machine washable which keeps the pillow fresh and clean. 

With the soft Velcro tape, you can easily adjust fit to the baby's body

WASHRON® fiber

regular cotton

WASHRON® fiber

WASHRON® fiber

regular cotton


The fiber of the inside mat is spiral shaped.  It exhibits excellent cushioning properties. Therefore, with each wash, the fiber restores its shape and bulkiness without lumpiness. 

​Each hollow fiber contains air in the center and keep softness and bulkiness of the pillow. 

​The mat is quilted so it can fit along the baby's back body, and it  supports and adapts to the body.

WASHRON​® Mat Filling

how to swaddle

CLOUD MAT SWADDLE can also be used as blanket for 3 month-3 year old baby.

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